Shoulder injuries and shoulder pain are extremely common, especially in areas where a majority of people work with their hands, or where falls are common. Severe shoulder pain assessments help to identify whether a shoulder injury needs to be addressed by surgery, or if a conservative management program will be enough to help patients recover from their injury. 

Right now, these assessments are done by an orthopedic surgeon, and the wait time is extremely long. Recently, the Northgate clinic in Edmonton began completing these surgery or no surgery assessments in a new way: with a physiotherapist completing the groundwork, and an orthopedic surgeon available to consult if things aren't straightforward. This system has been very successful, but it still requires patients to travel to the Northgate clinic to be assessed. Our Tele-Rehab 2.0 assessment will let this triage be completed with patients in their local clinic or long term care facility, instead of travelling. This will help patients get the treatment they need faster while minimizing COVID-19 exposure, and will lead to better outcomes and decreased pain overall.


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Clinical Lead

Shoulder Assessment



Dr. Chepeha graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy in 1989, a Masters of Science in Rehabilitation Medicine in 1997 and a Doctorate in Rehabilitation Science in 2011. She’s worked clinically at the Glen Sather University of Alberta Sports Medicine Clinic in the area of orthopedics and sports medicine. Since July 2006, she has been a full time Clinical Track Professor with the Department of Physical Therapy. 


  • PhD – University of Alberta - 2011

  • MScPT – University of Alberta -1997 

  • BScPT - University of Alberta - 1989