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Double Robot

The self-driving videoconferencing system


The Double has been crucial to the success of Tele-Rehab 2.0 so far. Current Telehealth efforts in Alberta often depend on stationary cameras for communication between clinicians and their patients. This is a great start, but it has a lot of drawbacks for the style of assessment Tele-Rehab is undertaking. With a remote clinician in the room as well, it would be very difficult for the hub clinician to get the visual information they need without disrupting the flow of the assessment, or in some cases compromising patient safety, because the patient and clinician are always having to move around or move the camera.

This is where the Double comes in. The Double lets the hub clinician control their own camera, so they can move around to get the required view without interrupting the assessment. With the Double, hub clinicians can get closer to the proceedings to supervise more effectively, follow the patient out of the room for specific tests, and overall feel like they have more control over the assessment. The Double increases patient safety and lets clinicians get a more whole-body view of patients, allowing them to make a more thorough diagnosis and treat conditions more effectively.

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