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Hip & Knee replacement follow-up appointments involve examining the surgery site to make sure the joint is healing well, and also include testing range of motion, flexibility, and pain in the joint.

It is important to be able to offer these assessments through Tele-Rehab to make sure that all patients who have hip and knee replacements complete their follow-up appointments. Right now, seniors are unable to attend these appointments in person. Rural patients typically have to travel back to Edmonton for their appointments, and the expense and inconvenience of this trip means that many patients skip these important appointments. Lack of access to these appointments can lead to complications with healing, increased pain, and a higher chance that patients will need an additional replacement surgery at a later time. By offering follow-up appointments closer to home, we will make sure that patients can access the care they need in an attainable, easy, and affordable way.

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Clinical Lead

Hip & Knee Replacement



Vanessa graduated from the University of Alberta in 2000 with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. Since then, she has had a diverse career working in both inpatient and outpatient environments at hospitals and rehabilitation centres alike. She has expertise in a number of areas, including burns, wounds, hands, fractures, acupuncture, and patient education. Vanessa also specialized in orthopaedics, and can perform post injury and post surgical interventions for many areas of the body, including hips, knees, backs, hands, and shoulders.

Currently, Vanessa is specializing in osteoarthritis and total hip and knee replacements at the Edmonton Bone and Joint Centre.

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