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Markerless Motion Capture


Kinetisense is a company from Medicine Hat, AB that has developed a markerless motion capture system that allows movement tracking of specific body parts. We can use this technology in our Tele-Rehab assessments to help track movements such as range of motion for our shoulder or hip & knee modules, stroke pattern tracking for our wheelchair seating module, sway monitoring for balance assessments in our vestibular module, and more.

Kinetisense existed well before Tele-Rehab 2.0 came to be, but through collaboration between our teams, they were able to develop the Wheelchair Module. It was a challenge to develop 3D markerless motion capture for a seated person, but Tele-Rehab 2.0 enabled Kinetisense to collaborate with AHS wheelchair seating experts and ensure that the most important pieces of information are captured with this technology.

Kinetisense markerless motion capture has the potential to be used in face-to-face assessments as well, because it could help clinicians see patterns of movement more easily. We need more data in order to use this technology in clinic settings, but  we are applying for more funding sources to help gather this data from more patients. The possibilities are endless!

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