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The Last Blog of Summer

Hello readers, welcome back to the blog. I am writing the last blog of summer today, which is also my last official blog in my summer student position. As August comes to an end, so does my appointment on the project. But fear not - I still have some last thoughts to share with you.

Working on this project has taught me many things and inspired me to think outside of the status quo. It has also challenged me and surprised me, and I am so grateful I got the opportunity to work on a project which is changing our healthcare system to better serve patients. I have loved working with a team that is so passionate about accessibility and creating a healthcare system that is equitable for all Albertans.

Over the past four months I have worked on communications and outreach for the project. This was a special role as I was able to connect with many different types of people to tell them more about the project and why it is so important. This engagement provided me the opportunity to share my excitement about the project and advocate for its continuance. I heard from patients, companies, and decision-makers about how Tele-Rehab 2.0 is impacting them. I loved my position because I was able to hear first-hand about how needed and important the project is. This feedback has been motivating for the team, and I know there is more out there. Tele-Rehab 2.0 is changing healthcare, and it is a welcomed change. A much needed change.

I am excited to take my experiences and skills I gained from the project into my next adventure, which begins next week. I will be starting a new internship position in the psychology field, but I plan to keep up with the project.

The project’s funding is set to end in December, however, the team is optimistic through the help of patient and clinician feedback and success stories that it will be able to continue past this time. The team hopes to get the modules implemented into the healthcare system and expand into others. The team also would like to continue to hear from patients about their experiences with rural healthcare and virtual care. There will still be blogs, but will likely be published less frequently than they were this summer.

It has been an incredible term spent listening and learning from patients, blogging, emailing, preparing for webinars, and meeting many of you virtually. I cannot wait to see where the project goes next. It has been a pleasure to write to you each week reader, but all good things must come to an end. Tele-Rehab 2.0 is a project that is redefining healthcare and helping so many people access the care they need without facing barriers. I am happy I was able to be a part of it.

All the best,


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